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  • Simon Blackburn

Welcome to my blog

In 2009 I left the safe heavens of education and relative irresponsibility to embark on a career. Like many graduates, I didn't know what I was going to do, and even if I did, had no idea how to do it. Life, for a brief moment, was daunting.

Lucky for me though, I secured a place on a graduate scheme, for a company undergoing a seismic change, meaning the opportunity to learn was bountiful. Writing this now in 2016 I consider myself fortunate to have had many diverse and fulfilling career experiences since. I count my lucky stars that I've had the opportunity to work across many industries and fields. I've experienced working with some of the biggest brands and organisations in the world, as well as startups. And I've worked with some wonderful people from all walks of life.

In going through this journey I've come to realise that some industries and careers are naturally better at sharing knowledge and opinions than others. Search for social media marketing blogs and you'll be dazzled by the array of high quality content. The Management consultancy industry by comparison has proportionately fewer professionals sharing their thoughts in a public domain.

My goals for this blog are therefore to:

  • Share my thoughts and engage in discussion on topics I find interesting

  • Encourage knowledge sharing

  • Provide insight into the world of Management Consultancy for those who are considering it as a career

  • Have fun! I like writing......

I hope you find some (or all!) of it interesting :)

Have feedback, thoughts, or want to start a conversation? Get in touch!

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